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Content plays a very important role as far as Search engine optimization is concerned. The line “Content is believed to be king of SEO” is not an exaggeration. It is very important to have search engine friendly content to attract visitors to your website.

The written content on your website is the most important aspect. Much more than fancy website design or graphics, your content writing is heavily relied upon by your visitors to prove or disprove your credibility. Your toughest competitors are successful because they’ve chosen professional website content writers who compose effective writeups that incorporates the foundations of SEO copy writing and deliver persuasive messages that rank and convert. Like any other business model, you need to build a solid foundation before concentrating on the aesthetic value of your presence and overall branding.

I web Guy is a company that helps entities of all types build their foundation. We are a team of writing professionals, and we understand all the necessary components that are inherent in any successful online presence. Generally speaking, any successful Web site must be found on the search engines, and once a Website is found, the message delivered must be compelling enough for the visitor to stay there and to take the desired action.

Website content writers are perhaps the most overlooked body of experts when it comes to any online presence, and this common mistake can be fatal in regard to any business venture. Specific knowledge of a company’s message and the ‘tools’ behind relaying that message are necessary for any type of presence, and we at I web Guy have years of experience in providing that service to clients all over the world.

If you are a small or medium business looking for a website design or website redesign for your business, you have found the right place. Our professional business concept will convince you that you can afford a well designed professional website for your business. We are serving mostly in the North America.

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Our web design and SEO consultations are FREE. We can happily meet with you over the  phone or by email to discuss your business website design needs. We Believes no question is a silly question – all of us know  nothing about something.

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