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Small business owners and Internet marketers who have web sites should really invest in email autoresponder. The benefits are enormous. You can easily get back the investment if you do that right.

Autoresponder is an email utility that allows you as a marketer to capture names and contact information from web site visitors and follow up with them. This is very important for any business because to tell the truth most people just won’t buy the first time the visit your site.

Here are 3 steps you can take to start profiting with autoresponder:

1. Sign up with reliable service

There are many email service providers out there. What I use, Aweber, is available at less than $20 per month.

Sure there are free autoresponder services out there, but perhaps the reliability is not something you want to bet for your business. Moreover, some of them actually put ads on every email you send.

By using paid service, you outsource the work of maintaining the tool, managing relationships with big email account providers, getting out of blacklists, and other tasks.

2. Pre-program the autoresponder with high quality content

Most people offer e-newsletter. It is the easiest way to provide value regularly to the subscribers. In turn, they can send promotional offers or recommendations to the list.

With autoresponder, you can also pre-load it with messages that will be send out automatically at certain interval to each individual subscriber. This allows you to automate the follow-up process.

3. Focus on building your list

Once you have a system in place, get in front of as many people as possible. Qualified traffic is what converts. Let your system do the rest.

Of course, you also need to adjust and optimize as necessary, but that’s about how to do it in 3 steps.

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So, you’ve heard about em, wondered, tried them not sure. Article Directory Submissions. So what is it and how does it work and does it work

1) What is it

Its the process of writing useful content and submitting that content to other websites called article directories.  These websites have content or ‘articles’ from many many other submitters. Some are crappy and let just about anything go and others are human edited.  Some allow links, others do not. Some get indexed some do not.

2) So, how does it work.  #1 See if the site has PR.  Is it indexed? Do they allow any links to your site? Are they nofollowed?

3) Lets say you have good answers to these. So you write an article and post it to it. If its a good site it will get indexed quickly and you’ll get a link vote. How much value depends on the integrity of the article site.

Should you use them? Yes and No

Yes if its a fairly new site or a weak backlink strucutre. They are links and every link counts from good sites. How much it counts depends on the competitive nature of your industry.

What is Internet Marketing Online?
Internet Marketing is the online advertisement and selling of products, services or businesses through the Internet. Online advertising is possible only if one has its own website. Having a website for a particular business is worthless until and unless people know about your business and put their trust and likings on services that you provide. So, having a website is just like having a shop, if people find you, they obviously visit it, and visit it again if they find it really interesting.

Internet Marketing is the latest and most effective method of business promotion. It is necessary to help people find you more easily, know your presence, know more about the services and products that you offer and assure people what real difference you can bring about in comparison to other similar service providers.

Strategies Associated With Web Site Internet Advertising Services
To make your website worth interesting, different Website advertising strategies are available today, such as, pay per click advertising, banner advertising, email marketing, search engine marketing through search engine optimization, affiliate, article, blog and interactive marketing services. If these strategies are dealt attentively, then you can experience the difference that online business can bring on your business.

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