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Joomla CMS Development

Everybody wants better management of their custom design website. Today there are two types of Content Management Systems that you can choose from: the paid CMS and the open source CMS that is free. Joomla is a free open source CMS. It is a complete package with powerful features.

Joomla, one of the most dominant open source CMS in the world. It is used all over the world for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications. It is easy to install, simple to manage, and reliable.

Joomla is valuable compared to other open source system because it organizes everything and it is so functional, tested and used by hundreds of people. Once installed it allow you to maintain your website easily.

With Joomla you can create personal websites, online presence of your small business and of course corporate websites. All you need to have is some basic knowledge in computer system. Joomla allows people to run their own websites without requiring a bunch of technical knowledge. All you need is a web host that supports the software and a web browser.

The system is divided into two main categories, the control panel for webmasters and the site front. Basically control panel is where webmasters control menus, and displays options for site front where users modify or edit text, having full authority to change and update the website.

Our combines almost all Joomla services, we can help you design your website. We are equipped with utmost knowledge in Joomla. We aim to provide customer support and update news on Joomla, new templates releases and many more. Settle for less yet so effective services. Use Joomla Today!

Need help for the conversion of your old and static existing website? Want  to convert it to Joomla CMS driven site?

You become tired of calling assistance from webmasters because its too difficult to edit your website. Your website become out of date, and you need to update because of the changes in trend and customer limitless demands. Much more you wanted to change it everytime you have new things in mind. We offer this service of converting your website where your conceptual view can be applied in reality.

We recommend Joomla conversion. If you have a website that is complete and you need someone to convert as is to Joomla , you can call us. We can copy everything from your old website and can add other powerfull features. Thus making your website pleasing aside from being substantial.

Maintaining as much as possible the original look of your website. The site would look exactly the same but unlike before you can now integrate changes such us editing content, add images, add pages and a lot more. You can edit, manipulate without the need to know the technicalities behind.
You can start with anything like Photoshop PSD, Graphics or even just an idea on how it looks like. You can get a free quote, let it bulid and deploy it, you can have your presence online it’s really an edge to have a Joomla driven site. We can explain all you need to know on how to maintain your website using Joomla.

Our professionals are not only Joomla conversion experts. We are expert Joomla designers also. We provide full customer support we fascilatate towards the end of the project. Convert site content and graphics to the Joomla platform NOW!

Know more about Joomla CMS? Having trouble where to start your Joomla development project? No time, resources and technical know-how to create ? Need some professional expertise?  Find professionals and get your job done.

Our experts help you in simplifying the complexity of your problem.We can provide direct assistance in planning, designing and implementing of strategies to satisfy the particular needs of your business. No matter how simple or complex your website design is, Joomla offfers amazing features, with its user-friendly environment.

Joomla is often called as an award-winning CMS, a free open source solution that helps you build your website. With its poweful built in features you can enjoy making personal websites and corporate ones. It is design with ease of installation process even for non-programmers.

Day by day, the importance of online business is increasing, the internet is the best medium of introducing oneself. There you could give birth to your business through having websites. Even a small business firm needs an online presence. If you have a website it is really an advantage that you can control edit or deletie its content, with Joomla it is possible.

The basic idea of Joomla is that a non-technical person often desires to be capable of keeping their own website up-to-date or advanced without having to call on a web developer to make changes from time to time. Taking into account also, there are some things that can only be done by a web developer, but for simpler tasks such as changing text, images or product features etc. you can make it. Lesser expense and burden.

See how Joomla works! Even non-technical users could benefit the power of Joomla, once it is installed and running then you can start venturing it. Thus making your business on the go. Feel free to contact us, we can help you start your Joomla project.

Joomla CMS Training

We are provides focused Joomla Training Services for folks who wanted to start or go deeper with Joomla. Administrators who want to teach new users on how to setup, manage and utilize their Joomla driven website. All via a real-time live training session with our staff.

Using the Internet telephone system Skype, Internet messenger system yahoo and msn (which are free download), and a live chat at website. We can guide fully beginners and can answer all your queries. It’s a live support service.

We can provide step-by-step process for the beginners. Every session is tailored upon your requirement. It covers from the introduction, overview of the concepts up to complex ones.

We cover topics such as:

  • Joomla- an overview
  • Joomla site structure- covers layout, menus, modules, frontend and templates
  • Content Management- covers categories and content, hierarchy, publishing and front-page management.
  • Media managemement- covers browsing media, media manager, creating folders, uploading media
  • Trash Management- expound trash manager and recovery of items
  • Menus- how to create menus, the menu manager, creating menu items, menu links
  • Front End Content Management- log in and edit content
  • Components, modules, user and contact management and templates.
  • And many more…

For more information of our Joomla training services please contact us.

Several Joomla free tutorials are available for download today. Beginners usually depend on tutorials, however not all content can be understood in an instant. Sometimes we need experts to carefully explain and expound. One effective method is through a demo.

Tutorial services provided:

  • All about Joomla- what and why Joomla
  • Installation- how to install Joomla, how to put files on the server
  • Templates and Site Design- such as installing a new template, change header graphic, choose site and footer modules, editing a template
  • Site Content- Adding content, content item, sections and categories, adding and removing of menu entries and content in the homepage
  • Joomla Extensions
  •  How to upgrade your joomla system
  • How to back up your Joomla site
  • And many more…

Everybody can learn through tutorials, it’s the main core before starting a Joomla experience. Below is one tutorial you could learn.

How to install Joomla?

You will need a hosting account, which supports PHP and MySQL. Choose I Web Guy to host your web site. Get your domain name. Then download Joomla installation package at

Unzip the archive on your desktop and upload it to your host. Open your favorite browser and type in address bar name of your domain name followed by /index.php you can now see in your browser window welcome screen.

In upper right corner click “Next” button.  Enter the name of your local host, username, password and name of the database you want to use. Check the checkbox to populate your database with demo data. Click “Next” button in upper right corner.

Next step enter your email address and password for administration. Click “Next” button. Enter your site name and click “Next”. You can see now default Joomla site.

Joomla CMS Advantage

Nowadays, Joomla become more popular because of its proven features. Considered as one of the most useful open source CMS. We can read varieties of testimonies on how Joomla works in their business. It’s completely a website builder, made easy and simple even for non-programmers and non-technical users all over.

From a web developer’s point of view, Joomla does not really help design a website at all, however, it helps develop a website by giving the basic structure: primarily the navigation system. You can add features speedily and easily through installing open source pre-built add-on components. It is much easier to catch an existing component and twist it for your requirements than developing your own from scratch.

From a user point of view, Joomla helps their business, no more hassle calling webmasters to edit the content of their websites. Because non-technical people can make changes every time they want. They can make their website up to date.

Why Joomla? Below are Joomla advantages:

  • Available free of cost online.
  • You can save a lot of time and resources specially when building an online auction site.
  • It has built-in support for multiple languages.
  • Very easy to use and maintain.
  • It can be controlled remotely using a web browser. You can edit, modify wherever, whenever.
  • It has a rarely seen versatility.
  • It supports LAMP technology

Another huge advantage with Joomla is the fact that the software has already been used productively by thousands of people around the world. Therefore its efficacy is proven.

Joomla Development

Joomla is an excellent and well known open source, popularly known as open source Content Management System (CMS) that is used in developing websites and web based custom applications. We are helping customers to manage their website on their own without much of technical knowledge. Joomla gives extreme flexibility with plenty of free and paid add on modules that suits to various customer requirements. Joomla has a very easy admin area to manage the site easily and on the fly . helps clients for following Joomla Development Services:

  1. Corporate Web Applications
  2. Ecommerce Shopping cart based solutions
  3. Intranet and Extranet based Web Applications
  4. Social networking Websites, Community Portals

Joomla is simple for installation and requires a bit of help from Joomla developers. The users can update content on their websites developed with Joomla with minimal IT knowledge like word processor and browser based applications like IE or Firefox.

Joomla admin section is browser operated and users can

  1. Add / update data of pages
  2. Add / update company or public news, events, products/services etc.
  3. Add enormous content and web pages

Some of the great add-ons are available from the Joomla Development community are as follows

  1. Form Builder
  2. Document Management Services
  3. Photo Gallery and Video Gallery
  4. E-Commerce and Shopping cart
  5. Forums Software

Chatting Software

  1. Event Management and Calendars
  2. Blogs Extention
  3. User Registration and Management
  4. Newsletter Application
  5. Banner Advertisement Module

Though its easy to maintain Joomla based sites, Joomla based development and customization of websites require expert help. Joomla Developers are most in demand developers. We have proficient development experience in Joomla Development and we cater these services to our valued clients. We are among the few web developers in India having expertise in development for the Joomla content management system. We have developed various winning websites on the basis of Joomla CMS and we know the code inside out.

If you are a small or medium business looking for a website design or website redesign for your business, you have found the right place. Our professional business concept will convince you that you can afford a well designed professional website for your business. We are serving mostly in the North America.

Free Business Consultation
Our web design and SEO consultations are FREE. We can happily meet with you over the  phone or by email to discuss your business website design needs. We Believes no question is a silly question – all of us know  nothing about something.

Benefits with I Web Guy’s Services

  • Conceptual designs based on your business
  • In-House Development
  • On time Project Delivery
  • Cost-Effective Products Services & much more