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After gaining support for payment services through PayPal, Microsoft’s Skype has updated its Android app to introduce a bunch of new features that include new chat themes, chat reordering, activity indicators, and stability improvements. The new Skype version 8.3 is now available to download via Google Play.

Among the new updates, the addition of new chat themes will bring some change to the existing blue-white colour layout in the Skype app for Android. You can now choose between Light and Dark themes on Skype, where the former is designed for the users who prefer a clean white UI, and the latter is for those who don’t want their eyes to get hurt while using the app at night. Also new are the activity indicators and chat reordering, which will let users know about the availability of their Skype friends in the Chats list through a green dot indicating the online status, along with the ability to rearrange and sort the chats by recent, unread, or active.

Skype has also received some stability and performance improvements with this update, as mentioned in its changelog Google Play. As we said, the Skype v8.3 is available to download for Android right now, however its iOS counterpart has not received the update yet.

Recently, Skype introduced Send Money feature on its platform using PayPal accounts. The feature is available on the latest version of Skype on both Android and iOS platforms in 22 countries initially. In India, Skype recently received the integration for identity verification via Aadhaar, India’s own biometric-based identity service for citizens. The Aadhaar integration was rolled out for Skype Lite, an app especially designed for India, which lets users identify themselves on request during video calls using their Aadhaar.


Source : (gadgets.ndtv.com)

Most of us have been in a position where we need to talk to someone urgently but get into the muddle of signing into the accounts and eventually end up getting frustrated over a very simple communication requirement. It seems like Microsoft has finally delivered its solution for this same problem as company’s communication service Skype for Web can now be used without the need to sign into the account before starting a conversation.

In order to use this service, users are required to head to Skype.com and enter their name. After giving this input, they will be provided with a unique conversation link, which can then be shared to start conversations. Users can share this chat link with individuals or with groups, depending on their requirement. The contacts that receive this link can also join the conversation without signing in if they are also using Skype for Web, the company pointed out in its official blog post.

Interestingly, Microsoft has allowed many of Skype’s features available for guest users who will start conversations without signing in. These features include one-to-one and group instant messaging, voice and video calls, screen sharing, and file sharing. Even without signing in, users can invite up to 300 people on chat conversations and up to 25 people on voice or video call for free.

Notably, the conversations will only be able to last 24 hours when the service is being used as a guest user. In order to start a guest conversation, users are required to start it through Skype for Web but others can join in from Skype client on any platform.

As users don’t even need to have an account to start Skype conversations any more, the service is likely to lure more people towards itself with this lucrative feature.


Source : (gadgets.ndtv.com)