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Uber is taking further steps to ramp up the safety of women passengers in India, its largest overseas market. The ride-hailing company on Friday partnered with the Delhi Police to integrate features from the latter’s Himmat women’s safey app.

The quick access to Himmat from within Uber app will act as a “force multiplier,” the company said. Himmat app, which was launched by the Delhi Police in 2015, has over 31,000 registered users with over 90,000 downloads. It allows passengers to send a distress call to the Police Control Room and their relatives in an event of emergency. When a passenger taps the distress call option, a 30-second audio and video recording from the phone is relayed to the authority. It is the first time Delhi Police has partnered with a technology company, Uber said.

Himmat will be accessible to New Delhi residents first, but Uber said it plans to extend the reach to all women passengers in India. More than five million people take rides in Uber’s cabs in the country, the company announced this week.

“Combining access to the Himmat app through Uber is a big step towards strengthening the safety net available to lakhs of women riders. We applaud the efforts taken by the Delhi Police to prioritise safety of women and believe that the Himmat app is a great initiative in this direction,” Shweta Rajpal Kohli, Head – Public Policy, Uber India & South Asia, said in a press statement.

The safety of passengers has been a concerning issue for women in both Ola and Uber cab services. The companies, however, have introduced several features and options – including a panic button in some cars – to strengthen their safety.


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In an effort to make people switch to Microsoft Edge, the company will now pay you to use the browser, which the company claims can last longer than its Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera counterparts.

Edge can according to Microsoft deliver 36-53 percent more battery life while doing daily tasks, including watching videos on YouTube, browsing the Internet, or checking in with friends on social networks.

Microsoft Rewards, announced earlier this week, is a rebranding of Bing Rewards and so far only available in the US, offers points for using Edge and Bing, as well as shopping at the Microsoft store, CNET reported on Friday.

You have to make Bing, a web search engine owned and operated by Microsoft, as your default search engine to earn points in its revamped rewards programme.

Points can be traded in for vouchers or credits to places like Amazon, Starbucks, Skype and the ad-free version of Outlook.com.

“Almost three-quarters of Windows 10 users are not using the Edge browser,” the report noted.

Microsoft once dominated the browser game with Internet Explorer, a predecessor to Edge.

Over the last decade, however, Edge has seen a significant decline in usage as alternatives such as Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox have gained popularity and Internet Explorer failed to keep up.

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Microsoft appears to have begun seeding the Windows 10 Mobile software update to Lumia smartphones. The Redmond-based company earlier this week made available the latest version of its mobile operating system to the Microsoft Lumia 640, and it is now seeding the update to the low-cost Lumia 535 in at least one region. The company has also released Upgrade Advisor Beta for all Windows Phone 8.1 users, to help them upgrade their phone.

Users in Latin America are reporting that they have started to receive Windows 10 Mobile software update on the Lumia 535 smartphone. As seen in the screenshots, the update escalates the version number of the software to 10586.29. The update is currently only available for the unlocked Lumia 535 handset it appears.

Microsoft also recently started to seed Windows 10 Mobile to the Lumia 640 on T-Mobile network in Poland. The rollout confirms that the company has begun to release Windows 10 Mobile to more Lumia smartphones. It had previously committed to seed the software version to all Windows Phone 8.1-powered smartphones with more than 4GB of internal storage in December. However, last month, the company said that it was pushing the roll out timeframe to “early 2016.”

The company has released an app to assist users with upgrading to Windows 10 Mobile. Called Upgrade Advisor Beta, the app allows users to know whether their Windows Phone handset is eligible to upgrade. It also helps with cleaning up memory on the smartphone to make enough room for the new software version.

“The Windows 10 Mobile Upgrade Advisor app will tell you if your Windows 8.1 phone is eligible for upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile. It can also help free up space on your phone so you’re ready for the upgrade,” the app description reads. “When you open the app, it checks your phone and lets you know if it’s eligible to upgrade, if an update is required before you can upgrade, or if your phone can’t be upgraded.”

To recall, for Windows Phone 8 software update, Microsoft maintained an update tracker on its website to help users know when the new software version will become available for their smartphone. For Windows 10 Mobile, there’s no tracker as such, which makes the new app handy for users.

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Microsoft is revamping its Outlook app for Android and iOS. The company announced its plans to integrate features of Sunrise, a calendar app it acquired earlier this year, into the email client. In addition, Outlook mobile app has also become cleaner and refined, the company adds.

Microsoft announced on Wednesday that the team at Sunrise has “put their design expertise and fresh thinking to work […] to deliver a more beautiful and improved experience.” Over the coming months, the company says that Sunrise’s headline features like Interesting Calendars, and Connected Apps will find their way to Outlook. As part of the move, Sunrise will discontinue its app, offering no new updates.

In addition, the company is pushing a major update to Outlook Android and iOS clients to make the user interface cleaner and refined. The iOS version, it says, now offers a refined new look and organises email, calendar, people, and files in a more efficient way. The Android client, on the other hand, is getting a redesigned header, and compose experience. The changes have been made in compliance with Google’s Material Design language. Changes to Outlook’s Windows Phone client will arrive “soon”.

The updated Outlook apps are already available on the App Store, but has not yet reached Google Play India. The company also shared stats of Outlook. It noted that 30 million people are using Outlook on iOS and Android every month. This accounts for 1.2 billion monthly sessions. Many people – around 20 percent – use more than one email account on Outlook.

Once prominently focused on Windows platform, Outlook service has undergone a major revamp over the past one year. The company acquired Acompli in December, a beautiful email client and utilised its features to revamp its email app, releasing it in January. Javier Soltero, the founder of Acompli now heads the Outlook division inside the company.

Shortly after launching its revamped Outlook client in January, Microsoft in February announced its acquisition of the Sunrise calendar app in a bid to expand its presence on rival platforms. Whether people will like having calendar features in their email client, is something only time will tell.

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Uber is suspending its service in Portland, Oregon, for the next three months while city regulators there work to reframe local laws around taxis and car hailing apps.

“We are pausing pick-ups within Portland city limits for three months,” an Uber spokeswoman said Thursday via email. The company will continue operating in the larger Portland metro area, she said, which includes Beaverton and Hillsboro. Drop-offs from those areas would continue in Portland, she said.

Pick-ups in Portland will continue through this Sunday evening, she said, which Uber also detailed in a blog post.

The development comes just days after a lawsuit from the city of Portland against Uber, which ordered it to halt its service because it did not have the permits to operate there legally.

“Uber is dedicated to curating and continuing a valuable and constructive relationship with Portland’s lawmakers, working to create a regulatory framework that works for everyone, not just us,” the company said.

A spokesman for Portland Mayor Charlie Hales did not immediately respond to comment.

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Twitter, hungry for new data to fuel its targeted advertising, will start looking at what other apps its users have downloaded.

Starting Wednesday, the company will begin collecting data on which other apps its users have on their iOS and Android smartphones. The data, Twitter says, will help it deliver better “tailored content” to its users. That’s sure to include ads, but maybe also better recommendations about whom to follow when users sign up, or more relevant first tweets in the feed, which could help Twitter hook people early.

It’s strictly a list of the apps users have installed, Twitter says, not data pertaining to what people do inside those apps. So Twitter would know if you have a ride-hailing app, but it wouldn’t see your rides taken with the app.

Twitter is not the only company to collect this sort of data — other major Internet companies like Google and Facebook do it too under certain circumstances. Facebook, if a developer has integrated its software kit, might use the data for mobile app ads.

Still, Twitter’s move stands to raise privacy concerns at least among some people, perhaps depending on which other apps are on their phones.

Twitter’s data collection will start automatically, unless users have already turned on the built in “limit ad tracking” or “opt out of interest-based ads” option on iOS or Android phones, respectively. Twitter users will be notified of the data collection, but they can turn it off at any time from within their app’s settings, Twitter says. If users turn it off, the data is removed from Twitter’s servers, the company says.

Twitter currently relies on several other types of data to target ads. This data include whom individual users follow on Twitter, the composition of their social network, how they tweet, and how they interact with other tweets. Ads might also be targeted using a person’s profile information, their location, or IP address.

Adding people’s downloaded apps to the mix could help Twitter add more smarts to its ad targeting. Or not. Twitter, again, won’t be tracking how people use the apps. So if someone has a bunch of apps sitting on their phone that they rarely use, it might not help Twitter all that much just to know that they’re there.

News of Twitter’s new app collection data was first reported by Re/code.

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Snapchat is now letting you send cash through its app with a new feature called, fittingly enough, Snapcash. Your first instinct might be to take your debit card and run far, far away from an app that has been the target of high-profile hacks–that’s understandable. But Snapchat’s new Venmo-like feature is powered by a name people actually trust: Square.

Square handles the back-end details of Snapcash, including debit card number storage. No financial information will be kept on Snapchat’s servers, which have fallen prey to attacks in the past.

You don’t have to install another mobile payments app to send money through Snapchat, which will appeal to the app’s demographic: teens. The below promotional video features two kids picking out a gift for their mom–the son is going to pay, and the daughter is using Snapcash to send over money. She types in a dollar amount and hits send. It’s incredibly basic, but effective. The key is using the $ sign to trigger the transaction. Some fine print: You have to be 18 or older to use the feature, and it’s only compatible with Visa and MasterCard debit cards at launch.

Why this matters:Snapchat isn’t trying to compete with established mobile payment apps like Venmo and Square Cash. Working with Square to make Snapcash possible is evidence that Snapchat isn’t pivoting toward payments, and the deal is positive exposure for Square as mobile payments remain a buzzy topic (thanks to Apple Pay). There was concern that Apple Pay would detract from Square’s popular Reader, which lets small businesses process credit and debit card transactions without a lot of fuss. Square CEO Jack Dorsey said Square would work with Apple Pay, and Snapcash is evidence that the company might be diversifying into other types of partnerships as a way to stay relevant.

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