Google Maps has updated its iOS app to introduce a bunch of new features. The most notable feature in version 4.33 is the new Local Guides widget that lets you check out all the nearby places, and add photos and reviews on the go.

The new update for iPhone users brings the Local Guides widget to make it easier for active Community members to review and add photos of places whenever they are nearby. For those who are unaware, Local Guides is a community that provides regular updates to Google Maps. For their contributions, the members of this community are awarded with benefits like early access to new Google Maps features, exclusive contests, and events, among other things. Anybody can sign up to be a part of Local Guides and start contributing.

This new widget will let you easily check your Local Guide points and add reviews and photos to a place. The update also introduces the ability to get reminders to make a change in the public transport journey. These alerts will serve as a cue to change your transit journey to a one more suitable that matches your preference.


Furthermore, Google Maps takes furth advantage of the 3D Touch functionality on select iPhones to introduce ‘3D Touch peek’ feature for list items like ‘restaurant search’. As is the case with all updates, this latest one also brings bug fixes, but details on that have not been revealed.

The size of the latest iOS update for Google Maps is at 78.4MB and you can get it from the App Store for free right away.



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