In a move to ease up the transition from iOS to Android for its users, Google has introduced a new option in its device setup process on recently launched Android 7.0 Nougat. The new option essentially helps users to transfer their data from their earlier device to their Android device.

However, the utility of the new option is debatable as instead of following an active approach and creating an app to ease the transition, as in case of Apple’s Move to iOS app, Google has taken a more passive approach by providing people with instructions to transfer their data using individual apps.

As pointed out by 9to5Google, in Android 7.0 Nougat’s device setup process, Google gives the options to copy data from another Android phone, or a backup stored on your Google account and now also includes the option to move data from an iOS device to Android. On choosing the option for iOS devices, the following instructions come on the screen:

On your iPhone or iPad device:
1. Open Safari

2. Go to

3. Follow the instructions

When you go to the Android Switch website, you get the instructions as to how to create backup of your photos, mails, contacts and apps by using various offerings from the search giant.

Although the instructions are definitely useful and will help the users to transfer their data with ease, it still seems like the company could have made it easier to switch from its rival mobile platform.
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