In a bid to end a long-standing debate, Tendingi CTO Nick Lee decided to create a module that would let the two operating systems run simultaneously on the iPhone. Lee created a back cover case for the iPhone, that would effectively turn the interface to Android – temporarily.



Once the back case is plugged-in, the Android interface takes over. The iPhone user can then access Google Play, use the calculator, and essentially browse through an Android interface seamlessly. The Android UI has the famous widget option available. In the video uploaded on YouTube, he also demonstrated how Wi-Fi works on the interface, and users can even search the web. It also has options to add Google accounts too.

To end the Android experience, all the iPhone user needs to do is hit the home button, and the iOS interface pops back. The back cover is super bulky, and possibly houses components of an entire another smartphone to work its way around the strict Apple code conduct.

Lee [told] The Next Web that the back cover idea stemmed from the historical Android vs Apple feud. He explained, “The main inspiration was the intense feelings Android and iOS users have about each other. I said to myself- ‘What if you could have it all on one device?'”

The report states that Lee managed to develop this product in 45 hours flat. He has no immediate plans of selling it commercially, but may change his mind if interest piqued, and would think of investing more time into building a sleeker case.


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