It seems Microsoft is willing to let go of its long-standing rivalry with Apple this Christmas.

In a new commercial released for the Christmas season, employees of Microsoft’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York City decide to walk up a few blocks to “deliver a special message to some old friends” – their counterparts at Apple.

Along the way, Microsoft employees join hands with a local New York children’s choir and take part in the festive spirit of Christmas that blankets New York City this time of the year.

With candles in their hands and wearing Christmas beanies in the primary colours of Microsoft, the employees perform a rendition of the famous hymn “Let There be Peace on Earth” outside the iconic cube of the Fifth Avenue Apple store.

Towards the end of the feel-good spot, Apple employees touched by the gesture hug it out with their friends at Microsoft. The ad is an attempt at positive brand recognition via the good-natured times of Christmas, unlike the decision made last year to ridicule the iPad.

Apple knew Microsoft would be filming something but they didn’t know what it would be, corporate vice president of global advertising at Microsoft, Kathleen Hall told AdAge. As per New York City rules, Microsoft had to get permission from Apple to do a shoot on their plaza which means the executives signed off on a heart-warming yet commercialised gesture.

But does this mean the end of both ridiculing each other’s products? We don’t know, but Microsoft sure will hope the new Surface Pro 4 can outsell the iPad Pro over the holiday season.

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