New Delhi-based Wingify, a developer of website optimisation tools and A/B testing solutions, announced Monday the acquisition of US-based Navilytics.

With the acquisition, Wingify aims to turn its flagship tool, Visual Web Optimizer (VWO), into a full-featured conversion optimisation platform by early 2016.

The Navilytics acquisition provides Wingify features like heat maps, form analysis, area statistics, visitor session recordings, and form analysis on its platform. The new features will allow marketers to study user flow and click behaviour, and then trigger a survey based on their behaviour asking why they did or did not take a particular action, Wingify said.

The acquisition brings to Wingify a wide variety of capabilities that would have otherwise taken a lot of time to develop in-house, said Paras Chopra, Founder and CEO in an emailed statement. “With this acquisition, we are all set to becoming the first full-featured conversion optimisation platform in the world by 2016,” He said.

Founded in 2010, Wingify’s Visual Website Optimiser is used by over 4,000 businesses. Navilytics has more than 600 users, and is used for online marketing and advertising, e-commerce, QA testing, UI, and product design.

Wingify had launched an online community for India’s product design community in September.

Wingify’s A/B testing tool helps test and validate new designs, tracks visitor behaviour, and enables personalised targeting of visitors, the company said. The acquisition will allow marketers to track user flow with far greater clarity, the company said.

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